Salesforce Marketing Consulting

Salesforce Audit

Are you getting the most from your implementation? A Certified Consultant will perform an infrastructure audit of your Salesforce deployment. We'll help identify system bottlenecks, streamline lead management, and implement Salesforce Marketing best practices to ensure you are effectively leveraging your CRM tool to maximum effect.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

We've all heard the adage, “The leads I get from marketing are terrible, and there aren't enough of them!” Making sure that marketing and sales agree to a universal lead definition is step one in getting these sometimes adversarial departments to partner for mutual success. We'll help you work together to identify what a good prospect looks like and establish programs and processes to find more of them. By mapping sales objectives to marketing campaign strategy, combined with service level agreements by both parties, Bluebird Marketing can help sales and marketing departments come together around a common set of goals and metrics.