Demand Creation Services

The first step towards closing a deal begins with motivating your prospect to raise their hand and identify themselves as having:

  1. a problem or challenge,
  2. an interest in saving or making more money or
  3. the desire to simply do something faster or more efficiently.

Any of which can be solved or achieved by your product or service.

Bluebird Marketing leverages the web, email, telemarketing and direct mail to do just that. We'll work with you to define a marketing program that highlights key trends or issues in your target audience's industry or market segment, and how your product addresses them.

Integrated Direct Mail

Due to the rise of cost-effective email marketing, the inbox is becoming increasingly cluttered, while the mailbox is often empty. Connect with your prospects via an integrated campaign, leveraging customized print direct mail pieces with a clear call to action to drive previously unheard of response rates.

Lead prospects to a personalized web experience driving conversions through the roof. Let Bluebird Marketing help you design and create a compelling postcard, self-mailer, or custom direct mail campaign and web experience.

Webinar Management

With travel budgets being slashed, online seminars provide a cost-effective way of educating prospects and customers on industry trends, best practices, and real world customer success. Think of it as another opportunity to establish your company as a thought leader and general ’mover and shaker' in your industry.

But for many organizations, the question isn't why, but how. With extensive webinar experience, Bluebird Marketing can help your business launch a complete event series or host a stand-alone webinar, including pre-event promotions, slide and speaker preparation, on-site logistics management, and post-event follow-up.

Social Media and Community Building

Facebook hit the 100 million user mark in August 2008. A Universal McCann study found that 50% of adults and 85% of those between 18 and 34 use social media platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace, Meebo, YouTube to keep in touch. Bluebird will help you develop an appropriate social media strategy encompassing collaboration and forums, blogging, and more.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEO/SEM)

Is your website properly optimized for prospects to find your business? Do you know how to leverage search engine marketing to generate a steady flow of sales leads?

With SEMPO certified consultants, we can help you launch a search engine marketing campaign and optimize your site for search engines. Increase organic website traffic and improve your web presence with a website that is properly designed, coded, and tagged for the most relevant search engines.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the most cost-effective methods of marketing today. We'll help you target specific audiences, tailor your messages, and increase traffic to your website through a sophisticated email marketing campaign, based on proven best practices. Services include design, copywriting, list segmentation, email launch and reporting.